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M. Jevtic’s fundraising event

Help abandoned animals from Obrenovac


What's it about?

I live in Obrenovac, small city in Serbia where there are a lot abandoned annimals. People find it difficult to sterilize or castrate a dog or a cat, but because it is easy to throw puppys and kittens away.I know I can not save all of them so I chose to feed and give adoults fresh watter, but kittens and puppys take home with me where I take care about them until they find home.
It is not easy because I meet new problems every day : ababndoned puppys, ababndoned kittens, some of them are thrown away on their birth (they are the biggest challange because they need to be feeded on the nippled bottle but chances to survive are very little.). There's a lot of people who find pleasent torturing little annimals, they cut their paws, hitting with cars, hang on trees, yes it's true bad thing happens a lot but I try to get over that and fight for them. But alaso there are infectious diseases such distemper and parvo virus. It is not easy but I do not give up easily, for every fight to the end. I'm happiest when they find a home where I know they will enjoy for a lifetime.They need everything: food, money for vet (for treatment and vaccines) houses, leashes, collars, bowls, anti-parasite pills, ampoules against ticks and fleas, toys ..I do all that but I can not finance, so we need your help.Together we can do a lot. Thank you for helping me the last few months, thank you for supporting me when I needed you. Thank you for believing in me and for helping animals on which I care. I hope that one day I will be able to repay you.

M. Jevtic

M. Jevtic announced this fundraising event on 03 June 2013.

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