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Stefano B.’s fundraising event

Swimming, Biking and Running for Charity


What's it about?

On Sunday, 30 June 2013, I will be swimming 1.5 km, biking 40 km and running a further 10 km in the Heinerman Triathlon in Darmstadt, Germany ( As I am not completely satisfied with these three legs alone, I would like to add a fourth one and use this opportunity for charity fundraising, so that I have an additional “good and strong” incentive to train!

I have therefore decided to ask you, my friends and family, to sponsor me to raise money for UNICEF TO SUPPORT KIDS IN SYRIA.

The civil war in Syria is escalating and, as usual, it is the kids who pay the highest price. Inside Syria around four million people are continually on the move. Families live in bombed houses. Many children have to drink contaminated water. Across the country, water systems have been destroyed, putting people at risk of dangerous diseases. About 900,000 Syrians have already escaped across the borders into neighbouring countries and everyday thousands join them. Often, families have lost everything, are traumatised and do not know where to go. Many children have not gone to school for months. Often they have witnessed heavy fighting and are in shock.
Violence and security problems inside Syria repeatedly endanger any help that does arrive in the country. And there is not enough money to reach all those in need. Nevertheless, UNICEF has expanded its work in Syria and in neighbouring countries.
Together with its partners, UNICEF provides children and their families with clean water, hygiene products and baby food. UNICEF has also organised the care of unaccompanied children, help in finding relatives and has mobilised psychosocial support in special safe zones. It also ensures that refugee children are admitted to schools and supports large vaccination campaigns to protect against diseases.

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Your donations are welcome. The more the merrier, every euro DOES matter! All proceeds will go directly to UNICEF. And finally, your donations are tax deductible in Germany.

Feel free to forward this appeal to family, friends and colleagues.

Many thanks in advance,


Stefano B.

Stefano B. announced this fundraising event on 29 May 2013.

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