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S. olio Goat Project’s fundraising event

EMA Fundraising: "Goat-up your Christmas tree"


What's it about?

Dear friends,

Christmas and New Year's Eve are coming close and you might not have bought a present yet. Here is your chance! Instead of buying a turkey or setting-off fireworks on New Years Eve please help us to raise money for the Solio Goat Project and "goat-up" your Christmas tree.

By donating money to the Solio Goat Project you'll help our fellow students buy goats for the villagers in Solio district, Kenya (see information below). In addition to supporting the villagers in Solio (Kenya) you'll also receive an "official goat-supporter certificate" to decorate your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Loet, Mara, Amanda and Marie

1) As agricultural development students, we want to make an impact, and not only sit in class to learn about the different "plant varieties and study soil science".
2) We think it's a great project, directly supporting the villagers in the Solio district and the team behind the project is well trained and has been to the area.
3) Because we are taking part in a charity fundraising competition to get attention for initiatives like the Solio Goat Project.

About a month ago we met a group of fellow agricultural development students who are undertaking a project to send goats to the Solio district in Kenya. They are aiming to buy goats (including extension service, goat shelter and milk processing equipment) for the villagers in the Solio district, Kenya. At first, we were quite critical about the project: Why would you send goats to the Solio district in Kenya? Is this not messing up the local economy? Who will take care of the goats? Do the people in the Solio district want goats? Do they have the means to take care of the goats?

After we had some in depth talks with our fellow students it turned out that the project was well-thought-out and they had been in the district themselves in March 2012.

Why send goats?
- Goats support villagers to be less dependent on food aid.
- Goats can survive the semi-arid (dry) climate and do not compete with food crops.
- Villagers in the Solio district indicated that goats would suit their demands and are in line with their local survival strategy.

What kind of goats?
- High quality dairy goats can provide up to four liters of milk per day (if managed well).

Is this not messing up the local economy of the Solio district?
- These people are not even in the local economy;) They are all subsistence farmers. And goats will make them less dependent on food aid.

Who will take care of the goats?
- The social community groups in the villages (that were established for a long time) will distribute the goats to the households.

Who will provide extension service?
- Colleagues from the University of Nairobi and
- Vetenarians that work in the Solio District.

Do they want goats?
- In an extensive survey done by the project team (our fellow students) the villagers indicated that goats would very much suit their demands.

Do they have the means to take care of the goats?
- The social community groups in the Solio district as well as extension workers will support the local villagers to take care of the goats and provide training.


For more information on the Solio Goat Project check the project page in your right corner.

S. olio Goat Project

S. olio Goat Project announced this fundraising event on 15 December 2012.

Do you like this fundraising event? Then start helping!

And tell your friends.