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V. OBONNA’s fundraising event



What's it about?

Dear Friends,

We write on behalf of Caritas Mariana Holy Family Children’s Home, a non-profit organization that works for the education, health and betterment of living conditions of orphans, vulnerable, homeless, and homeless Children that are from various part of Kenya. With this letter we hope to convince you to make a donation to our organization either in cash, food items or in other way you deem it fit, and thus join the hundreds who already helped us in our work of humanity.

But first I would like to introduce our organization to you. Caritas Mariana is an independent Christian-based charitable organization that was initiated in Kenya since August, 2002. The organization was formed with the sole purpose of helping the poor and the needy in Kenya. Since its foundation, Caritas Mariana has been engaged in a number of aid and development projects in Kenya such as children’s home, Health Centre for the less privileged, Gospel Music Studio for the young talented ones in the society and lately a school for the needy .We are a mid-sized organization that works at the grass root level to put a smile on the face of the less privileged in the society, to provide the basic needs for these homeless children. We strive to provide them with clothes, food and shelter and most importantly education as and when we can. Generous donations by people and organizations such as yours are what help us in our endeavor to give the homeless children a chance at a better life.

By this letter we solicit for your donation of money, food items or any other assistance you will be in the position to assist us with. It has been difficult for us lately in taking care of 74 children we have under our care currently in respect of feeding them and providing all the necessary need these children requires having at least an average life. We would appreciate if you could donate whatever you can or offer to sponsor any of these Children. Any way you can help will be appreciated and will help these children have a bright future.

We strongly hope and relay on our friends and the friends and friends of our friends to jointly contribute monthly for feeding these less privileged children that totally depends on the your charity to survive. As you read this notice please invite your friends also to have a look at notice and make them see the goodness and importance in taking care of the needy and putting a smile on the face.

Thank you for visiting my page at! Donating at is safe and easy. forwards 100% of all donations. You can even track the use of funds. Not only is a great way to raise support, but it provides transparency as well, showing
how your donation directly affects the project outcome.

That is why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

Thank you!


V. OBONNA announced this fundraising event on 10 December 2012.

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