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J. Hillmer’s fundraising event

Children of God Registration (#2)


What's it about?

Children of God Community School (CGCS) currently resides in Adenta, Accra, Ghana and is being funded by the few donations that the community can offer, but most of the time and money is coming directly from the founders of the school: Oxzzie Adaletey, Cudjoe Adaletey, and Solomon Abdaramah.

One of their many goals for CGCS is to register with the Ghanaian government in order to provide funding for school supplies, payment for teachers, school uniforms, and few other necessities an elementary school has. This government registration is near 800 GH cedis and currently the school is focusing on day to day food for the kids as well as basic school supplies. Here is a little bit of what Children of God stands for:

Mission Statement-

The mission of the Children of God Community School is to teach Ghana’s standard elementary curriculum and vocational and life skills to children 5 years and older living in Adenta, Accra, regardless of their ability to pay tuition fees.

Values Statement-

The values of the Children of God Community School are to provide children with an environment where their learning is conscientiously guided with compassion, equity, care, love, and kindness regardless of a child’s personal situation or history.

Vision Statement-

The vision of the Children of God Community School is to build a school with a well on land we own, that offers an excellent academic program staged and supplied at appropriate levels that focuses on music instruction and computer training, and that also offers breakfast and lunch programs, and uniforms for all staff and students.

Thank You!!!

J. Hillmer

J. Hillmer announced this fundraising event on 28 November 2012.

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