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k. olurotimi’s fundraising event

Urgent help for displaced children in Mali .


What's it about?

The Northern part of the Republic of Mali was recently taken over by different groups of terrorists and Islamic fondamentalists who insisted on the application of SHARIA in the captured zones. The population in this zones are suffering seriously especially the children and the women. It's true that international organizations has been taking different measures to appease this ugly situation but little has been done in the humanitarian areas . Hundreds and thousands of children and women are presently scattered in different zones in the capital city Bamako seeking shelter and food . Some religious structures has been providing great supports for these displaced citizens but more supports are needed as soon as possible . Please do something for these victims of brutality and terrorism .For now ,great emphasis are being laid on FOOD AND SHELTER .

That is why I would be very grateful if you donate to this project now!

Thank you!

k. olurotimi

k. olurotimi announced this fundraising event on 21 November 2012.

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