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Jon S.’s fundraising event

Snowdonia Marathon for Skateistan Charity


What's it about?

On Saturday 27th October I'm running the Snowdonia Marathon (Marathon Eryri) and am trying to raise sponsorship for SKATEISTAN. Please show your support.

Since 2007 SKATEISTAN has offered the youth of Afghanistan the opportunity to become empowered, giving them a voice and attempting to return a healthy balance to their war torn childhood. Skateboarding is used as the key in bringing youth of all ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds together, and in acknowledgement of high iliteracy rates, Skateistan uses creative arts and multimedia to provide students with the resources they need to develop skills and tell their own stories. The first Skateistan Park was set-up in 2009 in Kabul and now hosts 400 children, 40% of which are female. Further Skatesitan Parks have now been set-up in Cambodia, Pakistan and Mazar-e-Sharif (Afganistan) ...their growth continues with your support.

SNOWDONIA MARATHON is rated one of the top marathons in the country, seemingly because it is on the of the hardest! I didn't know that when I signed up. I've done as much training as I could, now its time to rest and feed.

PLEASE DIG DEEP THIS IS A GREAT CHARITY. I'm putting my knees on the line for this!

Donating at is safe and easy. forwards 100% of all donations. You can even track the use of funds. Not only is a great way to raise support, but it provides transparency as well, showing how your donation directly affects the project outcome.

That is why I would be very grateful if you donated to my project now!

Thank you!

Jon S.

Jon S. announced this fundraising event on 23 October 2012.

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