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m. list’s fundraising event

Palestinian and Jewish Women Cooking for Peace


What's it about?

About "Cooking for Peace: "
Forging new bonds between Arab & Jewish women

Jewish women from Pardes Hannah-Karkur and Arab women from Kfar Kara are welcoming one another into their homes through the Cooking for Peace project. Implemented in the framework of the Shared Communities Program between the two towns, this initiative is creating a unique opportunity for women from both sides to discover their commonalities and differences through the sharing of recipes, culinary traditions and childhood memories.

Every week, the women gather in a different participant's home together with a facilitator from Givat Haviva. The meeting host introduces the group to a recipe of her choice and guides the women in preparing food while telling her personal "story" behind the recipe.

The project will result in a publication of all of the recipes and the corresponding profiles of each participant in the program. This unique publication can then be shared to reach hundreds of women in the two communities and across Israel – a testament to the shared communities vision.
“I didn’t expect that we’ll become such good friends, I can’t believe it’s over now. I want us to stay in touch afterwards”
-Hanna, participant
"This project provides women with a friendly atmosphere in which they can socially interact and create bonds – proving there is a possibility for an alternative peaceful atmosphere to the current reality. The bonds created between the women are so strong that when one of the Arab participants had to travel to Mecca to do Omra (similar to pilgrimage), the other participants postponed their weekly meetings and waited for her to get back. What’s more, all the participants (Jewish and Arab) went to visit her upon her return in accordance with the Arab custom. This visit was neither part of the project nor was it initiated by Givat Haviva. The women organized this visit as they felt this is something they should do for a friend."
-Abir Ganaim , Project Coordinator

m. list

m. list announced this fundraising event on 11 October 2012.

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