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Nyalenda Football League, Kisumu Kenya.

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l. juma’s fundraising event


What's it about?

The youth are more vulnerable and at risk of HIV/AIDS pandemic due to negative behavior and attitude towards change leading to the spread of the pandemic. In spite of the efforts put in place to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, Nyanza province remain high at 14.9%, the region has continued to record the highest HIV prevalence rate in the country peaking at 35% in some districts against the national prevalence arte of 7.1%. As a result, in the past two decades has registered a negative trend in all development and health indicators. Welfare Monitoring Survey of 2004 indicates that 63% of the people of Nyanza province live in absolute poverty which fuels HIV/AIDS.
A youth to youth approach in tackling behavior change communication is more practical and effective in the prevention and advocacy on positive behavior change against HIV/AIDS through football which is the worlds’ most popular sport to break down barriers and provide opportunities for even the most disadvantaged to shine.
By capitalizing on this interest, Kisumu Youth Net Group will create a platform that can be used as a tool for communicating vital messages, mobilizing communities to join the fight against HIV and challenging the plethora of myths and Stigma that surrounds the Virus.

The Nyalenda Football League Tournament is an annual event hosted by the Kisumu YouthNetwork to use football to reach young people in Nyalenda Slumroup s, Kisumu Town East district in KenyaTo Increase their understanding of HIV and enable them to live safe and healthy lives with the following objectives
1. To reduce HIV prevalence rates among the youth aged 15 – 30 years by 50% in high prevalence areas by 2010.
2. To raise awareness of local coaches, youth workers and leaders to deliver HIV messages through football drills as a behavior change strategy for curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
3.To organize HIV – awareness football events and peer education training to encourage safe behaviour among young people.
4.To increase the capacity and profile of local young leaders on condom use and disposal.

with the money to be raised through the fundraising the following will be expected from Kisumu YouthNet group
Expected Results/ Expected Outputs/ Indicators
It is expected to have the following results and each shall be monitored with various indicators as under:
Output 1:
Increased proportion of young people who believe they are at risk of contracting HIV.
• Number of youth reached with Behaviour Change Education messages.
• Number of school pupils and local young leaders trained on peer education.
• More informed debates on issues fuelling HIV/AIDS among the youth and the community.
• Number of active youth peer educators.
• Number of youths reached with information on health seeking behavior.
Outputs 2:
Increased proportion of youth with skills to delay sexual debut and engage in safer sexual practices and avoid risky behavior.
• Number of Condoms distributed.
• Number of local coaches, youth workers and leaders to deliver HIV messages through football drills as a behavior change strategy for curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.
• Number of youth in and out of school reached.
• Number of outreaches and other forums organized by the youth.
Output 3:
Increased access to prevention information, services and commodities for the youth at community level.
• Number of young people who are more likely to engage with and to embrace HIV messages if linked with football.
• Number of communication campaigns successfully conducted.
• Number of various youth reached with information.
• Number of IEC materials distributed
Output 4:
Improved Knowledge of condom use and disposal.
• Number of youth trained on condom use and disposal.
• Number of Condoms distributed.

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l. juma

l. juma announced this fundraising event on 20 September 2012.

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