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S. Ibanda’s fundraising event

90 minutes fundraising event


What's it about?

90 Minutes will be a showcase of the vibrant and underappreciated contemporary arts in Africa, encompassing poetry, cinematography, music and dance. It will be a world stage production that will leave participants with a simple and straightforward message: “It was 90 minutes of beauty and passion.” The event will allow participants to share in a personal and unique experience of creation and creativity, of struggle and passion, of beauty in the face of adversity. 90 minutes will bring to surface the emotion and talent of 17 African artists to create a community of camaraderie that will begin in a moment in time and stir a movement that will change how we think about contemporary arts in Africa.

The event will be directed by Samuel Ibanda who will also be performing his own music, alongside renowned musicians from the band Soul Beat Africa. The lineup will also include new up-and-coming musicians who have worked with the likes of Michael Ouma and Kaz kasozi. The evening will also feature live poetry from birabi interwoven with exhibitions of film and dance ranging from _african contemporary to commercial dancing.
It is going to happen at the 14th of February 2013 at the National Theatre Kampala, Uganda. To make it possible to share this gift it needs people to believe in dreams and arts and putting their abilities together. That’s why I am requesting for your contribution to make this concert happen and a success. Put small and small together and something big will grow: Your welcome to contribute 5 euros or more.
Thank you for the time to read and see. Be blessed

Concept note:
In the concert i am going to make an interesting salsa of Poetry, afro pop, house, Dance(African contemporary, latin, and hip hop), cinematography, projectors and acting etc.
Your donations will not only make this event possible , but also create jobs, platform for musicians trying to create a new music scene in Uganda, and for me as well. This concert must be live and real.
Where the money will go:
For "It was 90 minutes" to be possible there is need for
A six person band, Three Back vocals, A lovely poetry,four Dancers, Me, stage, lights, place for stage, place for rehearsal, two and a half to three months rehearsals, producer , sound both stage and house etc.
There will be a blog for one to follow how the process is going, otherwise thank you for your time and support .
Here is a link that you can get to follow the process.
Samuel Ibanda

S. Ibanda

S. Ibanda announced this fundraising event on 27 August 2012.

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