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How to Fundraise for Charity

Since November 1st, 2016 projects, whose organizations are not recognized as charitable efforts in Germany or Austria, can no longer collect donations on Learn more about these changes

c. chingtuna’s fundraising event


What's it about?

Raising money for charity can tax your energy and resources. There are a few ways you can overcome these obstacles and fundraise a truly impressive amount of money for your charity.


Join as many local business and social organizations as you can. Belonging to a circle of people who are already active in the community puts you in the right network to fundraise money for charity.
Participate in local events such as fairs and parades. Putting your face out there in the public builds recognition over time and you'll gain credibility as a fundraiser.
Get local press. The community newspaper can publicize your efforts and interview you if you have upcoming charity raising opportunities. Charity is its own kind of business and should always treat it as such.
Go to the local government and see if any funds are available to support your charity. Most governmental interests have a budget for supporting community projects that benefits the area as a whole.
Work in tandem with other funraising efforts. Often, charities that work together can save on their overhead costs, thereby freeing up more funds for the causes they serve.
Target your efforts. Most of your time should be spent on those who have the money and the willingness to make significant contributions web design canada
& website designers canada.

c. chingtuna

c. chingtuna announced this fundraising event on 03 May 2012.

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