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Denis D.’s fundraising event

Seeds of Kindness


What's it about?

=== Update: Seeds of Kindness 3 has launched! ===

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Welcome to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser in support of a clinic in Uganda [1], the Green Village in Burundi [2], and as soon as those are funded also the Widows and Orphans Project in Tanzania [3] and A Secure Home for Children in Uganda [4].

No matter how much you donate, you’ll always get, as an irreplaceable gift from My Little Remix and dozens of musicians, a brand new album packed with 41 exclusive songs [5]. Just follow the link on the thank you page.

Moreover, there are prizes! If you plan on donating a larger amount (say, more than €100), and you make it among our top donors, you can choose from a whole list of amazing prizes [6]. If you want to compete for those prizes, please kindly follow the instructions on the page below, so we can ascertain that it is you who has contributed so much. [The top donor prize contest was limited until June 30, 2012.]

If you are not sure how much a euro is in your local currency, you can use the Wolfram Alpha currency conversion:


Fill 100x100 original telofy pony white

Denis D. announced this fundraising event on 26 April 2012.

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