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Ulrike v.’s fundraising event

mobilising the Uli network / 2012


What's it about?

As you may have heard or know, I am involved in a variety of social innovative projects & initiatives in Cairo, where I do live since fall 1998.

I would like to invite you to invest in this work - right now there is little money but much work that needs to be done. Even the smallest contribution will mean a lot!

In exchange, you will receive as regular updates as possible on what we are up to here at the ever growing and developing Heliopolis coworking and community space, Rasheed22, and how a variety of projects are benefitting from the work done at and through the emerging Cairo coworking community.

Furthermore, we understand your contribution more as an investment than an one-time donation.
We are thus happy to give back to you in one way or the other, if you wish so:

Use your contribution confirmation to 'pay' at other coworking spaces participating in the CoworkingEgypt network; or ...

Go on a sightseeing tour with realllllly, rrrrrreallllly knowledgeable social-venture minded guides ;-) or ....

Sponsor a young Egyptian (social) entrepreneur for a month or a year: EGP 500 pays a one month membership at Rasheed22, EGP 6000 cover the fee for a whole year for a team of up to 3 individuals.

Or tell us what you would like to receive in exchange and we will explore together what is possible!

You may and will simply need to come visit us sooner or later - and yes, this is to encourage tourism, too!

The target for the 2nd half of 2012 is set at EUR 4,000.-, corresponding to 50% of the annual operating cost of the current workspace here in Rasheed St.

We are still trying to locate a really really nice REAL location (as in a historic villa in a garden near to a public square), but are happy where we are, for the time being.

A proper plan and a budget and all are emerging as we grow and develop, and yes, they are available for everyone interested to support and invest!

P.S. We are involved in a bigger movement, too. It is not just about one coworking space with a mission, but to look into how we can liberate spaces that are not yet used to their full potential.
Part of the money raised will be used to cover operating cost of our current space, used as a base for this movement.

For additional questions, comments, offers of support, please do not hesitate to contact me at for info on Rasheed22, or visit our fb pages: and

Ulrike v.

Ulrike v. announced this fundraising event on 17 March 2012.

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