Relief Action for Syria

Lisa-Sophie Meyer
29.03.2018 matches new recurring donations toward aid organizations providing humanitarian relief in Syria between March 15 and 31.

The situation in Syria is as terrible as ever. While there is no end to violence in sight for the Syrian population, people are less and less ready donate toward humanitarian aid projects on site. Meanwhile, aid organizations in Syria are more dependent than ever on reliable support in order to help people in crisis regions such as Eastern Ghouta and refugee camps in neighboring countries with clean water, food and medical aid.

We as want to give an incentive to support those aid organizations in need: From March 15-31 we match every new recurring monthly donation for nine selected aid projects. Together, we can make help permanent!

And this is how it works:

  • You make a new monthly recurring donation between March 15 and 31 for one of the selected projects on
  • We match those donations until we reach a maximum of 10,000 EUR on our part.
  • Recurring donations will be matched only once and after we have received them for the third time. Donations that are cancelled before that, will not be matched.
  • Per donor and per project a maximum amount of 200 EUR will be matched. Of course, you are more than welcome to make recurring donations for more than one project!

→ Join us now and help Syria!

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