New options for the volunteer programs

Leonie Gehrke

The offer for volunteering has changed. In order to improve our quality, only current and active volunteering offers are now online.

What changes?

Explicit dates

While setting up a project for volunteering you can now choose between three different possibilities:

  • any time / by arrangement
  • regularly / long-term
  • at a certain time / at a certain period of time

The last point allows you to look for a volunteer at a certain date or time. You’re organising a summer fair and need a motivated supporter for this day? A volunteer search with a precise date will be deactivated when the date has elapsed. But don’t worry: You will be informed via email and you can immediately edit, update and activate your page.

From now on volunteer projoects have a duration of six months

The search for permanent volunteer changes, too: After six months, we will ask you via email if the searches are still up to date. In that case you can easily decide with one click if you want to maintain, update or deactivate your search. Maybe you already have found a volunteer with

New activities for volunteers

More and more organisations are looking for volunteers on apart from the Mainstream offers. That’s why we enlarged our list of criteria. Programing Homepages, editing pictures or updating the Facebook channel are just a few examples of tasks. Therfore you can now specificly indicate that the volunteer offer is about “ PR/Social Media “ or “ programing “.

For any questions or feedback, please contact Leonie