Inform your donors - now it's even easier

Björn Lampe

Are there any news regarding your project? How is your work progressing? All this can be published in the news section on your project page on At the moment we are changing the current notification system to add new features. This is important to guarantee that your donors will have an even easier access to recent project information which is important to increase their loyalty.

Our developers have divided this transformation process in three phases:

1. New notification system:

Donors have now the chance to decide which supported project they want to receive information from. Starting June 1st 2013 this applies to donors that have decided to donate anonymously as well.
Status: completed

2. New notification mails:

Up until now, donors just receive an email with a notification that a new blog post was published on the supported project page. Instead of that they will now receive the complete blog post as an email to read it right away. There will be a new design for these emails that will reach a wider audience (as explained in phase 1)
Status: completed

3. New design and improved notification mails:

You will be able to design your post in the news section more extensively: integrate photos and videos, format the text and insert buttons. This will help to address your donors more effectively and to integrate a call to action. At the same time, you can decide which posts should be sent to your donors via email and which shouldn’t.
Status: week number 30

All these new features will be explained in detail in a separate newsletter. If you have any questions about the new notification system just sent us an email: