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Fundraising Events - or what is "A Good Occasion"?

Anica Samleit

By now I hope all of you have heard about our Fundraising Events and seen our brandnew posters on You still don’t know which occasion is best for starting a fundraising event? No problem, we can help.

These events are perfect to connect a good occasion with a good cause and a good feeling.

Always a winner: Classics

Birthday: Your birthday is coming up soon but you don’t really know what to wish for? How about wishing for donations for your fundraising vent instead of presents? Of course any other party works too, like a wedding or an anniversary.

Marathon run: You always wanted to participate in a run, but never had the strength to do it? What if your friends would donate for your fundraising event, would you train harder then? Or are you already a passionate sportsman/-woman? Even better, then your friends could donate 1 Euro for each kilometer you run! Assuming, you make it all the way! Same goes for Triathlon or a cycling-contest.

Start your own fundraising event

Crazy ideas can suddenly turn into successful fundraising events:

Shave your head: You love your long hair, it took you ages to get to this lenght? How much do your frineds have to dnate to see you with really short hair? 100 Euro? 500 Euro? 1000 Euro? How much would they donate to see you with a short haircut? The oppsite works to - let your beard grow!

Parachute jump: You are scared of heights, even when jumping into a swimming pool? There is just one single reason for which you would jump out of a plane: somebody else benefits from it. If your friends donate a decent amount of money, you’ll do it - for a good cause! Anything else that takes a little extra-strenght works, too: jumoing into the local river or lake in winter, showing up in a clown’s costume at university or eating bugs - the limit is your own creativity!

Play music: Your guitar skills are quite good? Then make your talent into money. No, we do not offer record deals. For every 10 Euro donation you sing a song according to the donors wish - and proof your performance with a video clip!

These are just a couple of ideas - basically anything goes which is fun, drawing interest and brings in donations. Check International Days - like Worlds Children Day - perfect to start a fundraising event for kids. Bathing in beans or take off one piece of clothes for every 50 Euro donation - the more crazy the idea, the faster people will hear about it and the faster you are getting the first donations for your fundraising event!

As you might have noticed, we don’t have that many examples for English Fundraising Events yet. Start your fundraising event now and get promoted in the next blog post! Here you can start your own fundraising event right now!

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