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Anica Samleit

Together we are collecting thousands of euros month per month for those who need our help the most. Not only we know that we are making a notable difference – many media channels noticed the engagement of

Therefore we are starting our German-wide campaign to spread the word about our „product“ Fundraising Events. Advertising? Sounds like a lot of costs! No! From the photographer to the outdoor advertising, from the magazine publisher to the advertising agency – all of them were working pro bono for us during the last week and will print our ads for free in the upcoming week. Once again: Thank you very much !

You want to know how what exactly a fundraising Event is? Click on the video, it explains how you can make your birthday special by making it a fundraising event. This is just one of many examples for fundraising events.

Start your fundraising event now! It’s the perfect opportunity to connect a good occasion with a good purpose and a good feeling.

Which event is right for you to call on your friends to support you in raising funds? One of many examples: For your next birthday, ask for donations instead of presents. On, you have more than 3.000 projects to choose from, which are just waiting for your support through a fundraising event. You can find many other ideas here, we will blog regularly about fundraising events now!

Join now and start your own fundraising event!

Coming soon: Beautiful fundraising pages!