How to writing exciting news?

How do I write vivid news entries that motivate my donors to further commitment? We give some advice:

News title : That needs to be specific and exciting. This line determines whether or not the news will be read.

Tell your story : Let your news start in a specific and exciting way, attract the reader, show the current problem or conflict and offer a solution in the end. If the entry is part of a series of news, mention what has happened before. Generally: Show your supporters what they may have changed or made possible due to their donation.

Real people : Describe persons and call them by name – let real people do things actively.

Use examples : Clarify abstract problems (e.g. health care) with the help of specific examples (e.g. how a person experiences the problem).

Explicit call to action : At best, finish your news entry with a call to action. This could be the invitation to look at your new photos, the inquiry to friends and family to spread the project to their network or the request for a further donation.

Generally: the shorter, the better. Before publishing, check your text for unnecessary words and shorten your entry rigorously.

How good news entries could look like as a newsletter, show these two examples:

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-26 um 16.54.58

Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-26 um 16.55.32