What types of projects and campaigns are welcome at betterplace?

We love hosting a wide variety of projects and campaigns on our platforms. Very occasionally however, some of them promote values which don’t match those of betterplace. We’ve decided that we won’t make our platforms available to such projects.

Even as an online platform we feel it’s important that we stand up for our core values. We’ve summarized those values very clearly below, as they have a direct impact on how we deal with content on betterplace.org and betterplace.me.

Your project or campaign will be welcome at betterplace if…

  • it is public spirited, caring and promotes solidarity
  • it promotes social cohesion and focuses on the common good 
  • it assumes that all people are equal - regardless of ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, disability or state of health
  • it helps people to live independently, in safety and in freedom
  • it respects a person’s dignity, integrity and their right to protection
  • it respects the current state of scientific knowledge and the general scientific consensus
  • it is based on facts and presents them clearly and transparently
  • it is characterized by clear and prudent communication and contributes to a culture of objective and respectful debate
  • it acts according to applicable laws, rules and regulations 

These principles are also reflected in our General and Additional Terms of Use. Furthermore, they form the basis for our standpoint on very specific topics.

For example:

  • Search and rescue at sea is not a crime
  • Climate change is a reality
  • Racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia are unacceptable
  • Everyone has the right to freely practice their religion
  • Vaccination protects the general public from preventable diseases
  • Women must be able to make their own decisions about their bodies
  • Europe stands for tolerance, unity and solidarity
  • The Federal Republic of Germany is a constitutional state