How can I find my project in the search results?

The discover-section only shows projects if they have gained the support of at least five donors and have received at minimum 250 Euros in donations. Through this limitation we’re trying to grant more quality for our users, as we only show active projects. offers different tools to promote your project.

The search results are being sorted following these rules:

  1. Relevance of search keywords – When searching for keywords, our software automatically calculates a value of relevance based on the project’s title, description, and other data. This calculation then determines the order, in which the search results appear.

  2. Status – Active projects still in need of funds are shown above any closed projects.

  3. Rank – Our system is calculating a rank based upon the donations received on a daily basis. Aid projects and fundraising events, which have received a high amount of donations in the last couple of days, are ranked higher in the list of search results.

  4. Date of the last donation – If two projects are still sharing the same level in the search results, the result with the most recent donation is granted the upper place.

Of course, the search results are additionally depending on the filters you have chosen for your search, as well as the keywords and the locations you have looked for.