How can I successfully promote my project?

Activate your fundraising network using the following tips:

1. Tell people that might be interested about your project!

First talk to people that have shown some interest in your work so far, or donated to you in the past. Tell them about your new presence on, and under “Donations and Opinions” ask them to become an advocate or leave a visitor entry. Maybe they are even able to make a small donation. The simplest of these kind of referrals can be sent out in the form of a personal email or a newsletter (if you have one).

2. Link your page with your own website

People interested in your work will visit your homepage. There they should be able to easily find a link where they can donate on In addition to a link, it is also possible to integrate our donation form to your website. Learn how this is done here.

3. Social Networks? Definitely!

More and more people are using social networks like Facebook. Surely some of your potential supporters. Point out your project on in Web 2.0. And if you have a Facebook fan page for your organisation or project, you can integrate our donations button there as well. Learn how this is done here.

4. Offline Advertising, Online Donating

It is probable that not everyone interested in your project has an email address, even though 72% of Germans over the age of 14 are online. In your next infobrief, newsletter or flyer, be sure to make people aware of your presence on Interested parties can then decide for themselves how they want to donate. Offline or online via

Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at!