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How to get attention for your volunteer opportunity!

Get the attention of many: The picture and the description are crucial!

A picture and a meaningful description (at least 150 letters) show your future volunteers why it is worth to support your organisation.

Watch a short video on how to attract volunteers with a poster:

Spring into action:

1. Distribute your poster with QR-Code and strips

Our advertisement with QR-Code and strips will help you to get attention for your volunteer opportunity. You can print out the poster in the administration area of your volunteer opportunity and put it up where ever you want.

2. Embed the banner of your volunteer opportunity in your website

The banner is a free advertising media, which enables you to present your volunteer opportunity on your website. The banner shows the title, the picture and an excerpt of the description of your volunteer opportunity.


3. Announce your volunteer opportunity in your Social Media Channels

Publish the link to your volunteer opportunity on facebook or Twitter to get the attention of your community and your facebook friends. It is also very effective to refer to your volunteer opportunity in your E-Mail signature. auf facebook

Our network

The meaningful your volunteer opportunity the higher are the possibilities to be included in one of our projects with media partners and partner corporations.


The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development has announced for 2012/2013 the topic ´future maker´: citizens, employers and civil society are appealed for more engagement in development cooperation. This initiative has its own facebook page where all our volunteer opportunities are exported, which full fill the following criteria: The volunteer opportunity has a picture and a meaningful description as well as a point of contact to the area of development cooperation.


Only by registering a volunteer opportunity at it will be automatically displayed in our iPhone App. Hence it all smartphone and iPhone users will see it on our mobile website. The advantage: The future volunteers can contact you directly. Convince yourself by visiting

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