How do I get a poster for my project?

A poster can help you advertise your project outside the internet. You can use it in many different ocasions - during an event, in a café or shop next door or even in the park around the corner. Be creative and hang up the poster where ever your potential donors might go!

You can request for an individual poster to your project in the administration section of your project. Therefor to to “Administration” and then to “posters”. It will be send to you as an email attachment.
Please keep in mind that the poster will contain the following:

  • Title (equal to the project title)
  • Foto (equal to the main project foto)
  • Short-URL (that links directly to your project page, using the project number)
  • QR-Code (also likds directly to your project page, when being scanned with a smartphone)
  • Stubs (your supporters can take home)

If you would like to change something in the projects title or describtion, please to so before requesting a poster. Therefor please go to “Administration” and in the menu to “Describtion”.

You can choose between a standard poster and a poster with stubs (recommended). And this is how it looks like:

poster skateistan EN