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How can I contact my supporters personally?

On there are several ways to thank your supporters for their donation and motivate them to continue their commitment. This helps you to build up a continuous relationship with your donors.

⌲ Personal messages on

The “Transaction protocol“ gives you an overview of all of the donations your project has received including date, time, amount, purpose and if available the name of the donor. Here you also have the possibility to send them a personal (thank you-) message within 21 days after their donations. In order to do so simply click on the letter-symbol next to the respective name:

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After clicking on the letter-symbol you can write a personal thank you - message, that will be send directly to the donor via email. After sending the message this will be marked in the transaction protocol with an eye-symbol. If you click on this symbol you can review the message sent.

Note: the names of the donors that donated through PAYBACK as well as offline donations through partners like Trierischer Volksfreund and Heidenheimer Zeitung can not be displayed. The same applies for donors that supported your project before 11-15-2014.

Registered donors can be contacted independently from the date of their donation directly via Simply click on the name to do so:

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Donor contact data for download

If your project has an organisation as project carrier, you can download a csv document with donor contact data. In this overview you will just find the information of donors that explicitly agreed to forward their contact details to your organisation. In order to retrieve the information, please log in on, click on “My betterplace“ and visit your organisation profile. In the section “Administration“ just click click on “ Donor contact data “.

Newsletter to all your supporters also offer donors the option to donate anonymously. You are unable to write to these supporters directly. Nevertheless you can still thank them by sending them a newsletter.