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NGO Support and Development projects in India and Nepal

What it's about

  • Development cooperation
  • Culture & sports
  • Refugees & immigrants
  • Socially deprived

How you can help

  • consulting/coaching
  • group care
  • office work
  • programming

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When: Anytime / negotiable

As a volunteer on this project, you will focus on assisting under-resourced organizations to achieve both the long-term development goals of India and work on fundraising efforts to help enable local projects which directly support the immediate community. Hard-working, independent volunteers who are interested in sharing their relevant experience are well suited to working with the NGO's volunteers are placed at this project. These small, local NGO's operate in areas including, youth and women's empowerment, children and education, environment & conservation, public health, management & administration, rural research on health and nutrition, documentation and journalism.

Your tasks may include administrative work, monthly / annual reporting or working with local community members and beneficiaries to support the NGO's initiatives.

The NGO Support project is open to all volunteers who have an interest in international relations, social work, development studies, social issues within the context of Asia, or those who want to learn about project management.


• General administration, grant writing, research, marketing, fundraising, IT support, website development and teaching English.
• Assist local staff and coordinate back end and field activities
• Organize staff capacity building and trainings and improve the quality of work and contribution to the programs
• Volunteers can utilize existing skills and experience, or learn new skills, by helping with a variety of outreach activities, as well as gaining a greater understanding of NGOs and the issues they face.
• Occasional administrative office work, team building, organizing of stock, helping with fundraising events and filling in on other local projects as needed. You will be an active participant in the local NGO’s on-going weekly projects and can experience all project areas including Education, Renovation and community Outreach.
• These small, local NGO’s operate in areas including, youth and women empowerment, education, environment & conservation, public health, management & administration, and journalism.
• Prepare monthly/annual reporting or working with local community members and beneficiaries to support the initiatives of the NGO.

Please note: We are not a funded organization to support cost such as food stay, travel , insurance, visa nor to offer reimbursement of any cost.

How many volunteers are needed: 15

Listed at: 19-04-2019
Last updated at: 19-04-2019

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Where you will help

You will get the address from your contact partner Issac Rayappan (Get in touch).