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Volunteer in Uganda Africa, Travel with a Purpose

What it's about

  • Education
  • Children & youth
  • Health
  • Refugees & immigrants

How you can help

  • visiting/accompanying
  • painting/designing
  • nursing/parenting
  • tutoring/reading

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When: Anytime / negotiable

As you prepare for your volunteer experience, please reflect on this Chinese poem:
“Go to the people Live among the people Learn from them. Start with what they know Build on what they have. But of the best leaders, When their task is accomplished … Their work is done, The people will say… We have done it ourselves.”

We welcome volunteers of all ages to participate in our ongoing development efforts in the slum areas of Kampala and rural villages of wakiso and Mpigi districts in Uganda Africa. You can volunteer as an individual, family, couple or a group for a minimum of at least one month and more. Three weeks can be arranged in special cases. Our volunteers come from across the globe. In the past, they have come from countries such as: Uganda, Canada, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, UK, Australia, etc.

Volunteer work involves but not limited to: teaching, helping kids at the orphanage/project schools, office work, conducting workshops, teaching crafts, home visits, construction, working with local churches, community, youth etc.

Uganda is honestly the most beautiful country in Africa, the people, the food, the wildlife you will fall in love with all. Your stay and volunteer time in Uganda will give you some more feeling about the wildlife which hold most of the national parks, mountains, Gorillas among others.

The organization can arrange for you transport at reasonable rates and get your self a chance to visit some beautiful Ugandan tourist attractions and also to explore nearby areas around Kampala the Capital City.

How many volunteers are needed: 7

Listed at: 19-02-2019
Last updated at: 10-06-2021

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