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What it's about

  • Education
  • Children & youth
  • Socially deprived

How you can help

  • office work
  • writing/translating
  • programming
  • PR / Social Media

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When: Anytime / negotiable

The Resource Mobilization Officer is responsible for building an increasingly, diversified network of supporters, including institutional, academia, donors/partners as well as other philanthropic institutions/individuals who believe in the work of NIRP and Goal, technical support and other forms of collaboration to meet the current and future needs of NIRP.

- To assist in identifying funding opportunities
- Identify, prepare and distribute funding proposals
- To assist in mobilizing non-financial resources from private sectors entities, individuals and corporate agencies
- To contribute to the production of NIRP E-Newsletter and distribution to donors particularly highlighting funds generated and resources mobilized
- To ensure that fundraising and resource mobilization information are up to date.
- To engage in crowdfunding activities.

- Attention to detail
- Ability to creatively solve problems
- Excellent knowledge of English
- Good analytical skills in developing and implementing resource mobilization strategies
- Ability to work effectively in teams
- Ability to prioritize workload and demonstrate deliverables
- Initiative taker and results oriented
- Negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills
- Computer literacy
- Ability to write funding proposals and crowd funding.

How many volunteers are needed: 2

Listed at: 10-07-2017
Last updated at: 10-07-2017

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You can support our fundraising effort anywhere in the world.

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