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Medical and HealthCare Volunteers/Internships

What it's about

  • Local help
  • Health
  • Disabled
  • Socially deprived

How you can help

  • consulting/coaching
  • visiting/accompanying
  • group care
  • office work

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When: Anytime / negotiable

Health projects aim to increase access to basic healthcare for poor communities, decrease the prevalence of disease and improve overall health by providing public health care and promoting health education in poor communities. As a Volunteer or Interns,you will assist the local nurses and Doctors at District Hospitals with all aspects of medical practices and act as a health worker with the community nurses and doctors.Your duties may include working in the consultation rooms, medicine dispensary or operating theatre (operating room). Duties consist of helping with physical therapy, treatment of minor injuries, maternal assistance and childcare. Other occasional tasks may be assisting midwives on home-visits, verifying or recording patient's personal/medical information. Also you will join the team on outreach consultation trips in poor communities.


Anybody! (You don't even need to have any formal health care training) Social workers, retired people, physicians, students, nurses, teachers, EMTs, civilians, surgeons, the general public, specialty physicians, veterinarians, dental hygienists, pharmacists, general dentists, specialty dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors, healthcare social workers, optometrists, physical therapists imaging technicians and even other caring people can volunteer in this health care services in Africa. If you are somebody with no health care training you are free to contact us.

An intern's role can range from observational to basic assistance, dependent on education, skills, experience and qualifications and on the community’s current needs. Interns are not permitted to perform major exams or surgeries. You will work with a doctor or nurse, spending time in various departments of a busy hospital. Departments you may support include Gynecology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Pediatrics ,Surge etc


Volunteers are accommodated in volunteer houses and you choose to share or not to share a room. 4G service internet.we recommend volunteers to bring their own towel and toiletries. The accommodation is safe and secure with the houses located in a safe area in town near the community where volunteers work. Living is comfortable and the volunteer houses have electricity and running water with Western toilets.

How many volunteers are needed: 3

Listed at: 28-01-2016
Last updated at: 04-09-2021

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