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Summer of Solidarity

A project from Europe Cares e.V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Over 30.000 displaced people in Athens rely on humanitarian organizations for basic goods and services. Even after a positive asylum decision, many have to face homelessness. With your help, we will send humanitarian aid to those in need.

Lennard Everwien
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About this project

 ~30,000 displaced people in Athens rely on the help of NGOs.
Even after a positive asylum decision, the path to a normal life is impossible for many. Without a source of income, many face homelessness on the streets of Athens. There is a lack of government support and an acute shortage of relief supplies makes the humanitarian work of the local organizations even more challenging.

We have 200 pallets of essential goods ready to go.
In the last months we have collected and sorted with hundreds of volunteers. All that is needed is funding for transport: A complete truck of humanitarian aid holds approx. 30 pallets and costs only 3.000€. 

With your help, we can support people on-the-move in Athens!