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Better Toilets: A step further

A project from Kanya's Chance e.V.
in Vallabh Vidhyanagar, India

We help to improve toilets n four of our partner schools. Collaborating with a local architect, we are making more hygiene, user-friendly and inclusive toilets. These improvements will complement our efforts in promoting better menstrual hygiene.

H. Patel
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About this project

With your help people like to improve the toilets in our partners schools. Some Schools, among 200 partners schools, have been associated with us for the past four years. For the effective usage of sanitary napkins, toilets are a pre-requisite. Hence, we wish to create model toilets in four schools. 
A grant from Apobank stiftung will also allow us to hold workshops promoting “Hygienical  Behavior” in our partner schools.  A suitable addition to it would improvements of the school toilets. For the same, we are also being helped by a local architect, Aditya Thakkar. We wish to undertake high-impact, low-cost changes at the school toilets to make them more user friendly and inclusive. Environment and sustainability would also play a key role in our efforts. 
Along with the school management we have already identified areas of improvement. this was based on feedback from the school calls and suggestions of our consulting architect. thus, the changes in each schooled are differing. in some schools we wish to create more disable friendly facilities and in others provide better lighting and ventilation. These holistic improvements complement our efforts in advocating better menstrual hygiene. 
A summary of the schools we would be working along with their coordinates:
Jol Primary School: Incomplete construction of the toilet (22.57983932451942, 72.88211767488166)
Bakrol Girls School: RO Water system (22.56524861148904, 72.91315908328286)
MK School: Additional toilet required, disable friendly (22.55179934334641, 72.92909869449218)
Anand Municipality School 14: Missing roof (22.554134534321758, 72.97061805427983)