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ING moves for good – supporting carbon emission reduction in Cameroon

A project from Klima-Kollekte - Kirchlicher Kompensationsfonds
in Buea-Town, Cameroon

„Klima-Kollekte welcomes the private initiative of ING Bank Energy Sector Team in Germany to raise funds by running or cycling for a good cause.”

Katharina Bredigkeit, Klima-Kollekte
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About this project

 With this initiative ING employees support Pro Climate International (PCI) who runs an innovative climate protection project: Organizing the production and sale of energy-efficient cooking bags, the so-called "Wonderfulbags". 

Among other benefits, Wonderfulbags reduce the amount of firewood families in rural and suburban Cameroon need for cooking by about 60% and contribute directly to the protection of the forests. The resulting reduction of CO2 emissions is verified by the internationally renowned Gold Standard. Based on this, the project issues certified carbon credits for each ton of CO2 not emitted due to the project. The goal of this initiative is to raise enough funds to purchase Carbon Credits for 400 tons or more of certifiably reduced CO2 emissions through Klima-Kollekte. Read on to learn more about how Wunderfulbags improve the lives of the owners as well. 

"By implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, we want to improve the living conditions of the people in our communities, but also contribute our modest efforts to fight global warming" - PCI

In rural and suburban areas of Cameroon, people have no or only occasional access to electricity. Therefore, cooking with firewood is common. Especially for women and children, this means that they have to travel long distances to collect firewood and then spend a lot of time preparing food on the three-stone fire. The harmful smoke produced by burning wood on the traditional stoves causes serious health problems for women and children in the house. Climate change and the overexploitation of local wood resources additionally endanger the livelihoods of the population. 

The health-damaging smoke, which is caused by burning wood on a three-stone fire, is reduced. Instead of spending hours every day collecting firewood and then preparing food, the children can now go to school. Women also gain valuable time, which they use to cultivate their fields or to pursue other economic activities. Another advantage: Since families have to buy less firewood, they reduce their expenses. 
"Wonderbag has saved my family from spending a lot on firewood. We have cooked different meals and preserved our food with it as well." Says Ma Nganchu Caroline, a Wonderbag user from Buea. 
The target group of the project includes families in rural households as well as households close to the city in western and southwestern Cameroon. A baseline study conducted in 2015 showed that 95% of households in this region use firewood as their primary energy source for cooking. 
“Even in the midst of the challenging situation, the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to distribute Wonderbags to households and increase their cooking energy security.” Says Jean Claude Tsafack, project coordinator at PCI