An aid project by “KALENDER ZUKUNFT e.V.” (Hanno H.) in Heidelberg, Germany

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Hanno H. (Project Manager)

Hanno H.
CALENDAR FUTURE is a project involving the contribution of participants who design the image and text of the reverse side calendar page on a self-chosen available date in a giant tear-off calendar, with their own ideas, proposals and interests for the relevant date. Participants fulfilling their reverse-sided contribution on their chosen date will receive a permanent sponsorship for this calendar page in the Calendar Future project. Once Calendar Future is complete, it will be printed out, assembled and installed in a cultural centre or museum where it will come to life as an interactive element, whereby the participants will have the possibility to tear off their calendar page and take a part of "Calendar Future" home with them. Sponsorships can, as time goes by, be passed on as so called "Time-Tickets", connecting past with present. The "Time-Ticket" is the original calendar page proving sponsorship certificate. The planned length of "Calendar Future" is 1111 years. That makes 405 783 + 1 calendar days, including leap years. Consequently, Calendar Future is day by day, one project.

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Location: Heidelberg, Germany

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