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Please support our The American Dream Scholarships, which we created together with The American Dream. With your help, we can support even more students with scholarships in the future!

Pia Söldner
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About this project

Since our founding in 1961, we have supported international understanding through student exchange and are closely connected to the United States. After the Second World War,  US-American Senator J. William Fulbright was looking for a way to improve understanding between different cultures, especially between Germany and the USA, and to contribute to international understanding. He hoped that people who understood each other would no longer start wars with each other. Therefore, in 1952, he established a scholarship fund to finance exchange programs. Less than a decade after Senator Fulbright started the scholarship program, in 1961, former Fulbright scholarship recipients founded our association.

We award over 60,000 EUR worth of scholarships to our exchange students each year so that more students have the opportunity to spend time abroad. We are very pleased to be able to launch three more scholarships worth a total of EUR 15,000 in the 2022/23 school year together with The American Dream. Together, we want to support students who are particularly enthusiastic about the USA. To be able to continue this cooperation for a long time and perhaps support even more students with scholarships in the future, we would be very happy if you chose to donate for our The American Dream scholarships!