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Wir bauen ein Mädchenhaus in Indien

A project from Mana Foundation e.V.
in Orissa, India

Wir bauen ein Mädchenhaus in Indien Orissa . Ziel ist es, die Mädchen vor Sexueller Ausbeutung, Zwangsehe und Sozialer Unterdrückung zu schützen. Gemeinsam mit einer Sozialarbeiterin vor Ort haben wir begonnen ein Schutzhaus für Mädchen zu bauen

Jasmin Wollert
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We have set ourselves the task of giving disadvantaged girls a new perspective in India.
This means, first and foremost, the provision of a shelter for the girls in Orissa.
Girls in particular are affected by sexual exploitation, child marriage and social disadvantage in this country. The project "Girl's House India" has already started successfully and has begun construction. For the completion of the house, we need 15,000 euros.

 Our team is completely volunteer and our work is financed exclusively by donations. Our social worker Mona grew up in Orissa and leads the project on site. Through the past support, we were already able to buy the property and advance the construction well.
If you want to know more about us, then feel free to visit us :)