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Permanent maritime exhibition in the Lüneburg Heath

A project from Marinekameradschaft Scharnhorst Soltau e.V.
in Walsrode, Germany

Permanent maritime exhibition in Walsrode, in which historical and rare maritime exhibits can be viewed. With this charitable activity, the association would like to preserve the German maritime cultural heritage.

David Guttmann
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As a non-profit association, the Marinekameradschaft Scharnhorst Soltau e.V. has committed itself to promoting monument protection (preservation of war cemeteries as a warning to future generations) and the preservation of historical, maritime cultural assets.

In addition, the association has already received the first friendly support from the Kreissparkasse Walsrode and the Sparkassenstiftung.

In the city center of Walsrode, the association has received premises that it has completely refurbished and renovated by the members on their own.

The intention is to offer this private, permanent maritime exhibition to the general public (by appointment). Furthermore, schools, teachers and pupils are to be invited for political and historical education. One would like to use some exhibits from the National Socialist period to teach students the dire consequences of a war. One would like to use it to enlighten today's youth. As an association affiliated with the German Navy Federation in Kiel-Laboe, you are in the middle of society.

The aim of the exhibition is to address maritime enthusiasts from all over Germany and invite them to the beautiful Lüneburg Heath.

The permanent exhibition is to be led and operated by the members on a voluntary basis. You don't have a profit target, you just want to cover costs (consumption costs) and keep the exhibition as a cultural site in Walsrode. Admission should not be charged. The association is financed through financial support in the form of donations.

That is why the permanent maritime exhibition in Walsrode is happy about every euro that the exhibition in Walsrode attracts young and old and that people who are enthusiastic about the maritime experience can be offered a meeting place. Because: "Everyone has a love for water".

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