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Christmas donation for our inclusive "Von Gugel Haus"

A project from FortSchritt–Konduktives Förderzentrum gGmbH
in Dürnhausen, Germany

To create an inclusive feel-good place for all children and adults with and without disabilities. Everyone is welcome in the "Von Gugel Haus". Let's renovate and expand the "Von Gugel Haus" together for an inclusive café and guest house! THANK YOU.

C. Wagner
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About this project

The donation target:
The "Von Gugel Haus" was donated to FortSchritt by Inge Freifrau Gugel von Brandt und Diepoldsdorf. Her wish was to dedicate this gem to people with disabilities. Her wish is close to our hearts. That is why we want to use your donation to wake the "Von Gugel Haus" in Dürnhausen in the district of Weilheim-Schongau from its slumber!

Please help us to transform the house into a place of inclusion and community for children and adults with and without disabilities. Everyone should be welcome!

This is how the inclusive meeting place looks in our plans:
A public, inclusive café with catering service may move into the old, stately forester's house. For this purpose, we want to carefully renovate the building so that the historic-romantic charm is preserved and at the same time many structural barriers disappear. All floors will be accessible via a lift.
We want to accommodate the guest house in a new extension. The aim is to give families with children with disabilities or illnesses in particular a worry-free and carefree time in the beautiful foothills of the Alps. But the guest house will also be available for further training and our conductive support weeks.
In the café as well as in the guest house, we plan to create jobs and training places for people with disabilities.

Our results so far:
Throughout 2021, our heart project "Von Gugel Haus" has been the focus of our efforts. We created the concept, measured the heights of the hillside property, discussed the construction in advance, created an access road and put the project under the microscope in terms of business management. With a charity run, individual project donations and crowdfunding, we were able to generate initial funds.

The costs:
According to initial estimates, we need around 4 million euros for the conversion of the historic building and the extension. We therefore ask you very ♥-ly to support us with your donation!

We will constantly expand the needs on - according to the incoming donations and the progress of the project. This way, you can transparently follow how the project "Von Gugel Haus" is developing.

Here at you can easily make a donation and support our "Von Gugel Haus" project!

Thank you for your help!

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