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Hacı Bektaş Veli and Yunus Emre Mihman - Public Guest House

Hacıbektaş, Turkey

Visitors to Hacı Bektaş Veli have no place to stay when they arrive early in the morning and wait outside during the hot hours of the sun. We look forward to the support of all of you in order to make up for this great deficiency.

Sevda Dogan from Internationale Alevitische Stiftung
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We are building a public Guest House in Hacıbektaş, near the visit of Delikli Taş and Cilehane, on a 264 m2 closed area that can be used by visitors.
It is used for the use of visitors and citizens, the staff is provided by the municipality and the use is completely free.
Visitors have no accommodation when they arrive early in the morning and have to wait outside during the hot sunny hours.
In order to eliminate this great shortage, we expect your support with the philosophy of "Hand in Hand, Hand in Hand to Hakk".
Our Hacı Bektaş Veli and Yunus Emre Guest House will be completed by August 2021 and the key and its use will be handed over to our mayor with a ceremony.
Project Sponsor: International Alevi Foundation for the Promotion of Education, Research and Solidarity , ALEVI THE FOUNDATION. and the Mayor of Hacıbektaş City Arif Yoldaş Altıok.
The land is provided by the city of Hacıbektaş. Both foundations are responsible for financing the construction.
The cost will be approximately 30 thousand euros.

As always, our International Alevi Foundation will conduct its fundraising activities according to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability.
We will keep the names of all our supporters as an album in the Mihman House.
We are waiting for your support and contributions, whatever the amount will be, and thank you in advance.

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