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Empowering Women in Bafut NWR-Kamerun

A project from African Women for Empowerment e.V.
in Bafut, Cameroon

Training 15 socially disadvantaged girls and women in Bafut Community in agro-pastoral ac$vi$es and empowering them to be able to generate their own income.

Eleanor Hagen
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About this project

Empowering Women in Bafut Northwest Region in Kamerun is a project aimed to 
train 15 social-disadvantaged girls and women between 14 and 40 years of age in 
the Bafut Community in agro-pastoral activity and empower them to be able to 
generate their own income. The goal is to enable them to become financially 
independent and place them in the position in which they can cater for themselves 
and for their children.

This project runs from 1st April till 31st December 2021.

The project is being funded by AWE e.V. and the German Ministry of Foreign Aid 
(BMZ) via its auxiliary Schmitz-Stiftungen, and implemented by Community-Based 
NGO, Higher Glory Society (HIGLOS).
In this project 15 social-disadvantaged girls and women are being trained in piggery, 
poultry, and watermelon farming. These women receive theoretical and practical 
lessons. They are also being trained in marketing, accounting, and business 
management. They are trained by experts who accompany, support, and advise 
them in setting up agro-pastoral activities. 
In the last phase the Trainees will be inserted into the following activities.

- 5 Trainees in piggery
- 5 Trainees in poultry farm
- 5 Trainees in melon farming

The Trainees are accompanied by experts from the construction of their farms to the
marketing   of   their   animals   and   products.   The   Trainees   are   provided   with   tools,
breeding material, seeds,  medicine, machines, work clothes, and other necessary
equipment that are needed ensure the successful implementation of the project. 
It is expected that upon completion of the training program, the Trainees have their
own watermelon farms, pig farms, and poultry. They have acquired skills and are in
the position to breed animals and produce watermelon for sale. It is also expected
that after nine months the Trainees will continue to apply the skills, they acquired
during the  Training Program and that  they  increase their production, market their
products, earn money and are able to cater for themselves and for their children. 
The next Training program will run next year, from March till December 2022. This
time with 30 social-disadvantaged girls and women. The estimated budget for the
next Training is 60.000 US-Dollars.  AWE e.V. needs to come up with her share of
15.000 US-Dollars.
Please support AWE e.V. in her efforts to make significant changes in communities
by empowering social-disadvantaged girls and women.
God bless GIVER and Receive