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A new school for Mbafaye, Senegal

A project from TOOLS FOR LIFE
in Fissel, Senegal

Currently, students in Fasinity do not have easy access to fresh water and sanitation.

S. Rothenberger
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About this project

Current situation

The secondary school in the village of Mbafaye, which belongs to the municipality of Fissel, is currently attended by 128 students and 115 pupils. One principal and three teachers teach at the school. The catchment area of the secondary school includes 7 villages with a total of 10 elementary school. The principal expects up to 500 new students in the next school year (2022).
The school has no administrative wing and office space. Students are taught in three classrooms, which are in poor condition and used as a marketplace three days a week. A well and sanitary facilities are not available.

Our measures

In order to provide the students with an adequate learning environment, TOOLS FOR LIFE supports the construction of new classrooms including interior equipment. Toilet facilities for the students and teachers are also being built. In order to enable a regular school routine, the teachers and the principal of the school will receive an administration building. In addition, the construction of a well including a school garden is planned, which will provide the students with fresh food. Newly planted trees will provide shade. The school grounds will also be fenced to prevent wildlife from entering the school grounds.
The school is being sponsored jointly with the Main-Taunus district and the "1000 Schools for Our World" initiative. The project is implemented on site by our long-standing partner organization Hilfe für Afrika - Wasser für Senegal e.V. (Help for Africa - Water for Senegal).

Your contribution

To ensure that the students have fresh and clean water at all times, a well is being built on the school grounds. The water will also be used for watering the school garden and for cooking in the school canteen. The sanitary facilities will also be connected to the water tank.

For this we ask for your support!