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Covid catastrophe in India

New Delhi, India

The situation in India is catastrophic: more than 400,000 new infections every day, virus mutations, a completely overburdened health system. People desperately need our help! Please donate now to support our emergency relief projects.

Anna Sperling from Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
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The Covid situation in India is catastrophic; the consequences dire: Recently, the country has been reporting tragic record levels of new infections every day. More than 400,000 new infections daily, virus mutations, a completely overburdened health system. 

Long queues of people who urgently need medical help form in front of hospitals. But neither are there enough hospital beds nor ventilators nor medicines for the massive increase in infected people. In many regions, more than 30 percent of Covid tests turn out positive. In Delhi, many ICUs have been closed due to overcrowding. People are helpless.

"People are dying on the streets," reports our programme coordinator Philippe Dresruesse. "People are screaming desperately for help. I have never seen anything like this before. This is a new dimension of helplessness."

In rural regions, the situation is also deteriorating dramatically.  Not only is there a lack of medical care, but also of food. Especially the poor population is feeling the consequences of the crisis. Thousands of day labourers and seasonal workers have lost their source of income and can no longer feed themselves and their families. 

The Indian population urgently needs your help. Please donate now to support our emergency relief projects in India: With your support, we will provide food or cash to families, set up quarantine centres to house sick people, provide education and set up hotlines and other contact points to make information on vaccinations and protective measures available to the affected population.

The solidarity is great - we must do everything we can to help the people of India.

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