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Youth chooses - but who?

Landkreis Görlitz, Germany

With a brochure on the positions of direct candidates from our district on topics relevant to young people, we would like to support young people in finding their own position. We need your donations to realize the project!

Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V. from Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V.
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The youth has become much more politicized again in recent years: dealing with the climate crisis, the “refugee crisis”, the fronts between left and right as well as increasing gender sensitivity in society and Corona are just some of the factors behind this.
In East Saxony in particular, society as well as the younger generations, seem to be particularly divided.
The Bundestag election is due again in September and young people should again be able to vote in a separate U18 election. As „Flexibles Jugendmanagement“ of the Jugendring Oberlausitz e.V., we have already carried out elections with young people here in the district of Görlitz.
The focus of the U18 election is not on the election results themselves (although these are also extremely exciting), but on the political education that is provided in advance and the direct contact between the youth and the politicians.
One instrument for this year is to be a brochure about the positions of the direct candidates in our constituency on topics relevant to young people.
To what extent does which direct candidate represent which views, topics and wishes?
To what extent do the positions of the direct candidates differ from those of their parties?
Which direct candidate do I give my first vote to, which party do I give my second vote to and why is it important to think carefully about this difference?
A brochure on the points of view of the individual direct candidates is intended to help young people deal intensively with the possibilities of exerting political influence so that their own goals and wishes are heard by politicians.
To do this, we collect questions from young people to politicians and then ask politicians to answer them.
Having the brochure not only in digital but also in tangible form is important to us. They are to be displayed at various youth locations such as schools and youth centers or given directly to the young people. In this way, not only those who deal with local political events and actively seek out the various information can be reached, but also those who have so far been less interested in it.
In order to realize the project and to cover the necessary printing costs, we are now dependent on your donations!