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P. KHASOA (Project Manager)

I am Patience khasoa from Kenya. I am a 22 year old University student at Moi university, Kenya, and the first child of my parents, in a family of three. I lost my parents at the age of six and that made me grow up in the care of St. Jude's children's home, here in Kenya. I am looking for well wishers to kindly sponsor my second year of education here in Kenya and to clear my school fees balance that I owe the school, which has denied me the opportunity to sit for my second semester examinations. I intend to use my education thereafter to secure myself a good job and take care of my siblings. I therefore appeal to you to kindly help me realise my dream.

I lost my parents in a grisly road accident and that robbed me of my parental love at a tender age. Anyone wishing to assist can go ahead and donate. I shall be grateful for all the donations granted.

Any donation is welcome, so long as one does it in good faith.

Thank you all as you plan to assist.

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Location: Kitale, Kenya

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