Closed vocational training programme

An aid project by “Global Poverty Reduction Support” (R. Akurigo Baba) in Accra, Ghana

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R. Akurigo Baba (Project Manager)

R. Akurigo Baba
The organasation starting a vocational training programme , to teach
the children and women practical skills that will lead to improved
employment opportunities when they leave school.

we would like to expand this programme by introducing sewing classes,
so we need about 50 sewing machines.

The machines will also be used to make clothes which can be sold in
the local area. This will be a valuable source of income for the
school, an important step to long-term sustainability. They will also
be able to make school uniforms, which will be cheaper than buying
them or having them made elsewhere.

It will cost about $150 to buy a machine in uganda, so it would be
preferable if they could get them donated.

Please help us find organisations or companies that could donate new
or used sewing machines to the school.

These can be both electrical and manual machines,
Ideally, we would like to find organisations that are able to donate

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Location: Accra, Ghana

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