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Closed Impactbagzz - We repurpose plastic bags into sustainable ethnic design bags

A project from Ministry of Impact e.V.
in Mzuzu, Malawi

"Impactbagzz" pursues the idea of repurposing old plastic sacks into fashionable sustainable shopping bags by combining them with the traditional fabrics of the countries participating to foster environmental awareness and Social Entrepreneurship.

Christiana Kant
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About this project

With our kick-off project “Impactbagzz” Ministry of Impact e.V. wants to set a first footprint of combining environmental education, vocational training and fostering Social Entrepreneurship in developing countries.
In collaboration with our experienced NGO-partners on ground, we strive to raise awareness for plastic pollution and the opportunities given by using plastic waste as a resource. We therefore intend to repurpose used plastic sacks into sustainable shopping bags be combining them with traditional fabric and so to create the sustainable bag-brand “Impactbagzz”.

Our NGO-partner "PACE for Social Change" in Malawi will start to implement the project "Impactbagzz" into their vocational training of underprivileged youths in the Chibanja Township in Mzuzu City. 
We intend to build a small workshop with space and electricity for 3 sewing machines. Furthermore, we need to invest into a first stock of traditional fabric to kick off the production.
The participants of "Impactbagzz" Malawi will then create sustainable shopping bags out of used woven plastic sacks they collect from factories, farmers etc. by combining them with the Malawian traditional fabric.
The "Impactbagzz" will then be sold for a local price - around 2$ - to local consumers on local markets in combination with a flyer  to inform about plastic waste and so to raise environmental awareness amongst the local population.
The "Impactbagzz" will as well be available in selected online-shops for an international price of 25$ to refund the project on ground and raise more funds for next "Impactbagzz" projects in further partner countries.

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