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An aid project by G. Falkenstein in Ahlen-Vorhelm, Germany

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G. Falkenstein (Project Manager)

G. Falkenstein
Our little Nicolai Church was first built in 1978.
We are an evangelic church that offers many services, such as: burrials, baptisms, marriage ceremonies etc.

It seems to be a church just like any other but it is in many ways very unique. It is equipped with an aged antique bell clock, which at the top of every hour, rings and reaches people in the surrounding area.
More than 500 years ago it had been placed for another Nikolai Church in a small village which lays in former Silesia, now Poland.

During the times of Wolrd War II, it was like many other bell clocks removed and sent to the city of Hamburg for melting purposes.

The old Marien-Bell as we call it, had survived the war and was at last found in one piece in the town of Badenwürttemberg. And it was such a luck that the old bell was placed in the new church.
This special bell carries the engraving “Maria garcia plena dominus cum pace”
The second newwest bell has a deeper kling and holds the engravings , “Wake up, calls the voice to us“.
This place is also the annual meeting for the former citizen from Rosnitz, and their families.
Unfortunately, the church is now threatened by financial circumstances and difficulty.

For more info regarding this issue, and contact information for the community please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Location: Ahlen-Vorhelm, Germany

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