Blocked Kampala Orphanage Project

An aid project by “Mzungu Volunteers” (K. Ochieng) in Kampala, Uganda

K. Ochieng (Project Manager)

K. Ochieng
Our orphanage currently is home to eleven children ages 9-12 ,In May 2011. Kennedy, the organization president, came across 11 children that were living next to the prison cells at a police station. As we all know it takes two to get a child and it takes the whole world to raise child and that's how the world delivered us these little ones.....

Out of a street life is like out of a battle between life and death. 11 together are the children both with different talents and dreams in them and that makes them special, When they were with their mothers, were Angels, When dumped became street Children, When we met them we made them our friends and one family! .

After hearing their story of how they came together as a group on the streets and lived for 5 months without clothing or shelter, we helped them to find a home in what is now the orphanage for this project. Help us to support these vulnerable children by financing their well being and school needs and others as at the orphanage. How can you help?

A- Only US$20 can sponsor a child for a month or US$ 240 per year.
B- Donate/Collect Children clothing, shoes and toys to send for these children
C- Organise an event in your community, school or university to support the orphanage.
D- Spread the word to family and friends to help us make it happen.
E- Or you can choose to Sponsor the orphanage with $150 or $300 a month to provide food for them. email us for details and questions.
F- Come and become a volunteer, join us in renovating the home or taking care of the children and become an inspiration to the kids as they will to you!

Contact can be established between the sponsor and the child, photos and letters will keep you up-to-date on your child's progress. Please do scroll through our children to find one or more that you can sponsor. Thank you.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

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