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Ponds, hedges, biotopes: Showing and shaping rural cultural landscape

A project from Klee-Stiftung in der Kulturland eG
in Hitzacker, Germany

Biotopes on organic farms: The Klee Foundation would like to document, show and further develop the treasures of nature on the farms of the Kulturland cooperative - together with the farmers.

Titus Bahner
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About this project

Farms that cooperate with Kulturland eG commit themselves to reserve biotopes in the amount of 10% of the farmland secured through Kulturland eG for nature conservation.

Within the framework of an ongoing project of the Klee Foundation, we want to document, show and further develop these biotopes - together with the farmers:

document by
a. qualitatively and cartographically survey the biotope endowment on the farm areas (basis: landscape elements and contract nature conservation areas from the EU funding application, supplemented by information from the farmers)
b. on the basis of this survey, depicting the existing biotope network from the point of view of leading groups of nature conservation (birds, frogs, insects).
show by
a. photographing and filming biotopes and the plants and animals living there, and using this information to create media (postcards, brochures, videos)
b. offering guided tours of biotopes during the growing season in cooperation with regional nature conservation groups and experts in the area around the farm.
develop by
a. Identifying gaps in the biotope network and opportunities for ecological improvement
b. planning and implementing targeted biotope design measures that improve the biotope network, e.g., creating hedges, ponds, edge structures.

To do this, we first select 12 of our farms nationwide, commission a biologist (applications welcome ;-)) to take stock of the existing biotope network and organize guided tours. We continue to work with the 5 most interesting farms, create videos and postcards, develop a concept for the further development of the biotope network and implement it.