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Funded Digitally suspended

A project from DRK-Kreisverband Fläming-Spreewald e.V.
in Luckenwalde, Germany

Digital education is a basic prerequisite for taking responsibility, acquiring knowledge and other skills. We would like to provide children and young people in need with loan devices and implement digital, media-pedagogical offers.

K. Tschirner
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About this project

How a lack of access to digital media makes a difference
Digital deprivation has taken on a new dimension.

What is set up in youth clubs, youth centres or even through mobile youth work is oriented towards the interests and needs of young people. They do not have to be members of a club to use the services. Therefore, socially disadvantaged people or children from socially weaker families often use these facilities. Their everyday life with all its problems, needs and demands is the focus of open youth work. Support, participation and education happen in personal exchange - often in passing - and "in the language" of the young people. They can help shape and have a say.

Increasingly, our professionals observe that many children, youths and young adults have something in common: they are disconnected from digital offerings. However, digital competences and digital education are basic prerequisites for taking responsibility, for acquiring knowledge and further skills. This involves the most diverse and, in every respect, very concrete educational and participatory offers, such as

  • Homework help
  • Participation in project development (e.g. research work)
  • Starting digital projects with young people (e.g. creating digital youth spaces)
  • Enable online visits to external offers (e.g. digital museum or concert visits)
  • Game afternoons
  • Networking events
  • Enabling border crossings (meeting other young people online, national and international networking/meetings)
  • Editing and printing things
For many people, these are quite normal and self-evident things. For a child from a socially deprived or difficult family background, from a rural area without a reliable digital infrastructure or without the possibility to acquire the skills to participate safely and not humiliatingly in digital lessons at school, these things are out of reach. We would like to be able to provide children and young people in need with loan devices for home schooling and to be able to implement digital, media pedagogical offers in parallel as well as permanently (also after Corona). In addition to the competences for the use of digital devices and tools, the social pedagogues also "incidentally" provide education on topics of data and privacy protection.

What is needed?
The facilities mentioned above have an average of 20 to 30 visitors per day. In order to be able to implement a meaningful offer, the following technical equipment is needed.
  • 3 laptops and 2 tablets per facility
  • One powerful printer/scanner per facility
  • 1 extra camera per facility
  • Software