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A care package of hope for street children and families

A project from Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children e. V.
in Iganga und Gayaza, Uganda

Our aim as a small organisation is to give orphans/street children a place to go so that they can get off the streets.

Alex Kanobaire
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About this project

Last year we were able to distribute almost 800 parcels in Uganda to children and families in the districts of Iganga and Gayaza. It was not easy to carry out this Christmas campaign in times of a pandemic. The borders were closed for a long time, customs in Uganda sometimes caused problems and some packages arrived late, but this did not diminish the joy of receiving a gift of hope.

This year we are again supporting children and families. Due to the pandemic, poverty has increased in many parts of the country, so this year, together with our partners in Uganda, we want to focus on things that are really needed and get them locally in Uganda. The savings on freight costs benefit the environment and by buying the items in Uganda, we sustainably support the people and their business directly on site.

A Care Pack of Hope contains:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, 2 kg of rice, 2 kg of sugar, maize flour, 1 packet of oil for cooking, hygiene pads for the girls, a small toy and something sweet for the children. This makes Christmas a celebration of joy and hope.

For most children in Uganda, who spend their lives on the streets or without parents, the "A Care Package Full of Hope" campaign is the first gift ever in their lives. It is not only a gift for these children, but it also has great meaning for them.  Something that triggers a confidence in the child that was not there before and that they will remember for a long time. They feel: there is someone in the world who is thinking of them. It will change the world of a child in Uganda for one day. Every lovingly wrapped little Care gift will bring unforgettable Christmas joy. Because it is a gift of love, hope and confidence with the message: You are not alone! Someone is thinking of you! Don't we all love that moment when we feel there are people thinking of us, perhaps praying for us?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to help many families and children.

With the help of our partner organisation, Amatsiko Child in Uganda is distributing
Necessary hygiene supplies, such as disinfectants, soap and detergent
food parcels to families and street children
many hygiene items like washable sanitary pads, which many cannot afford
You want to know more about us and our work? You can find detailed information about us and our partner organisation on our website Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children , Facebook oder Help for Change Africa.